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40cm Resin Clock ~ Light Aqua Ocean


Elevate your decor with my Resin Ocean Clock, a stunning piece inspired by the serene sea.
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Transform your space with my exquisite Resin Ocean Clock, a true masterpiece inspired by the tranquil beauty of the ocean. Crafted in soothing light aqua hues and featuring delicate, textured waves gently lapping against the shore, this clock captures the essence of coastal serenity. The laser-cut numbers on the clock face add a touch of modern elegance to this work of art.

Hang this timepiece in your home, and every glance at it will transport you to the shores of the sea. Let the Resin Ocean Clock be your window to the world of calm and relaxation, as you lose yourself in the gentle rhythm of the waves while keeping perfect time. Enhance your space and your daily routine with this captivating timepiece that will bring the tranquil allure of the ocean right to your doorstep.

40cm Diameter

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